Top 10 Enterprise Architecture Technology Consulting/Services Companies – 2019

While digital business today is making IT less about individual technologies, and more about technology-enabled business models, enterprise architects, and technology innovation leaders must leverage state-of-the-art technology to support their business ecosystems. While designing and delivering new operating models, forward-thinking organizations are aligning enterprise architecture (EA) to create new revenue streams, services, and customer experiences.

Leaders are employing unique methods of collecting, storing, organizing, and protecting data, as well as analyzing the same to draw useful insights, for boosting business innovation. EA allows users to filter essential information from the heaps of data collected, processed, and managed by enterprises. EA services are beneficial in defining data structures and strategies, selecting data platforms, and building effective data solutions to deliver compelling outcomes within a shorter time. The use of data extends to improving the business, application and technology segments of enterprise architecture models.

As organizations use a data foundation to make a strategic plan for driving growth, EA service providers also need to ensure the security of the information being shared and exchanged. EA service providers implement controls in the organizational processes for lowering business risks. Besides, the migration to an API-based architecture facilitates flexibility that would have been unimaginable in legacy systems. The EA services today work toward eliminating the setbacks faced by organizations using legacy infrastructures and aid them in modernizing their businesses without making significant changes to core operations.

While the market is replete with EA service providers, choosing an appropriate service provider is a cumbersome task for CTOs, CIOs, and CEOs. CIO Review magazine’s editorial team, with the support and guidance from EA technology veterans and industry analysts, has selected a list of EA solution providers that streamline business processes and define the path to success.

We present to you CIO Review’s “10 Most Promising Enterprise Architecture Consulting/ Service Companies - 2019.”

    Top 10 Enterprise Architecture Technology Consulting/Services Companies

  • 1

    Solutions-Focused Business and Technology consulting firm that creates tangible and demonstrable business value to clients

  • 2

    Develops infrastructure that responds to changes in an affordable, scalable, maintainable and in limited operational cost

  • 3

    Provides services to enhance security programs and integrated security architectures in an organization

  • 4

    Provides advanced enterprise architecture training, consultancy, and mentorship across the globe

  • 5

    Delivers a broad spectrum of EA centric program management, operations, and IT services to federal, state, local, commercial, and non-profit organizations

  • 6

    The company offers system engineering along with enterprise architecture, solution architecture, and network architecture to federal government and defense agencies

  • 7

    TargetArc is an independent consultancy practice specializing in the enterprise, business, and information architecture design

  • 8

    Specializes as a consultant enabling companies to define their data strategies and architectures, select the data platforms, and, build the data solutions

  • 9



    Offers targeted, customized management consulting services designed to help clients to react quickly to challenges and monitor performance efficiently

  • 10

    Future Integrated Systems

    Future Integrated Systems

    Provides high quality and cost effective Information Technology services for both Government and Commercial clients