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Richard Winter, Principal Architect & CEO
It is evident that for all the emerging trends in the industry including AI, IoT, cloud, analytics, and the digital transformation of business, a reliable data foundation is imperative. In the last five years, business expectations regarding data have changed radically. Data and analytics have come a long way from a sophisticated business tactic to the very central driving force of digital transformation and business competition. But, even the companies that have invested in analytics find it tedious and frustrating to exploit the vast oceans of data available to them. They can’t find the data they need; or can’t get to it, or can’t trust it, or they can’t process it and keep it up to date. All these issues are the symptoms of incomplete or out of date data architecture. As a result, they struggle to implement the right initiatives required for a successful business transformation. In this scenario, having a robust data strategy and data architecture grounded in experience along with engineering insight can make a substantial difference. Helping businesses meet critical data expectations while making crucial decisions is WinterCorp, a renowned data management consultant.

As an independent advisory firm, WinterCorp is dedicated to helping companies define their data strategies and architectures, select data platforms, and build effective data solutions that deliver compelling business outcomes. With rich experience gained over decades, WinterCorp exudes exceptional understanding of the fundamentals of ever-consistent data management technologies. The company’s core services include data vision and strategy, data platform architecture, data platform assessment/ selection, cloud data architecture, data solution design, and data review/advice.

“For more than 25 years, leading Fortune 1000 companies and smaller organizations, including startups, have relied on our specialized engineering insights, sound judgment, and the highest quality results in critical decision-making situations,” says Richard Winter, CEO of WinterCorp.

In order to undergo an effective business transformation, an organization requires the right kind of data foundation and a strategic plan of action that meets the target data architecture. WinterCorp provides its clients with a data roadmap that powers their business transformation. “We help each client define the role of data within their business along with the strategies and actions that derive strategic advantage through AI and analytics,” states Winter.

We help each client define the role of data within their business along with the strategies and actions that derive strategic advantage through AI and analytics

In a typical client engagement, WinterCorp’s subject matter experts invest considerable time to analyze the customer’s business interests, data uses, technical requirements and service level objectives and subsequently apply in-depth engineering expertise and practical experience to help them find and implement the best solution.

To elaborate more on the effectiveness of their consulting services, Winter cites a case study where an executive at a rapidly growing financial institution approached WinterCorp with his reservations about his company’s cloud database platform and whether it was capable of supporting the three major business initiatives planned for the next 18 months. After being asked to provide a Scalability Assessment of the cloud data warehouse, WinterCorp spoke with all the stakeholders; reviewed the requirements; performed an engineering analysis; and eventually offered recommendations. Upon accepting WinterCorp’s recommendation, the client transitioned to a more scalable cloud data warehouse and has since been successful in their analytics program.

Currently, WinterCorp has been publishing research on cloud database developments including two reports about the Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud and a forthcoming release on the Teradata AppCenter in 2019. Rick Burns, an industry veteran with deep expertise in the engineering and scalability of database engines, has recently joined the company as a senior staff member, strengthening the technical team. The company has recently hired a veteran VP of sales–Randy Stackaruk—who is designated to lead one of the significant expansions for WinterCorp by leveraging his vast experience in helping enterprise clients with their critical data challenges. “We are also reinforcing our cloud database and cloud data architecture capabilities, with a new initiative led by Dr. Norbert Kremer, a data scientist and cloud expert with certifications of the Google and AWS cloud platforms,” concludes Winter.


Tyngsboro, MA

Richard Winter, Principal Architect & CEO

Specializes as a consultant enabling companies to define their data strategies and architectures, select the data platforms, and, build the data solutions