CISOSHARE: Accelerating Security Architecture

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Mike Gentile, President & CEO
Similar to a jigsaw puzzle, where all the pieces have to be placed in the right position to create a complete picture, organizations today need to connect disparate systems and build a robust enterprise architecture to effectively achieve business objectives. While the primary goal of these architectures is to automate and enable key business processes through the use of technology, over time a new wave of these technology groupings has emerged: security architecture.

An organizational security architecture looks to automate repeatable steps specific to any security process, but the primary focus is automating key steps within processes that prevent, detect, or reduce the impact of a security attack on an organization. The composition of these tools in an environment, as well as how well they work together across different processes and technology layers, comprises an organization’s security architecture, which is key to preventing attacks.

California-based CISOSHARE mitigates these challenges in two ways. First, they work with organizations to identify their requirements for cyber security from an overall security program perspective, mapping applicable requirements into an effective suite of security processes for protecting the business. Second, they work on measuring the effectiveness of an organization’s technologies within an existing security architecture automating process steps within these security processes once defined. “Within today’s resource-constrained world, an effective security architecture is paramount to an organization performing all the tasks required to protect the organization,” says Mike Gentile, CEO and president of CISOSHARE.

Initially, CISOSHARE collaborated with organizations in the healthcare and government sectors to aid them in building both effective security programs and then the appropriate security architectures. However, with the rise of attacks in different industries, the company started working with enterprises across all markets.CISOSHARE assists such businesses with managed services, professional services, and their proprietary virtual CISO for building an effective security program with appropriate process development and performance.
Another rapidly-growing service offering is associated with helping an organization to improve their security architecture in alignment with their security program. They begin with a measurement of the current state, susceptibility analysis, as well as roadmaps for improving the security architecture over time. “At the heart of our security architecture practice is the ability to integrate technologies into the overall security program system so the pieces work together. Many organizations miss this step and look at security technology in isolation, which is the primary reason many security architectures fail. We’re on a mission to change this,” says Gentile.

The firm ensures efficient delivery through a unique onboarding approach. In each engagement, the company carries out a data mapping exercise to gain an understanding of where data and access lie within an organization. They define different architecture zones based on this information. CISOSHARE analyzes all the preventive and detective measures used to protect each zone and assesses if those measures are appropriate for the type of data or access within each of them. The team then creates a tactical and strategic roadmap that correlates with the overall security framework.

Such an approach enables them to gather vital information such as the current state of a client’s architectural environment and connectivity between network elements. This, coupled with CISOSHARE’s presentation model, helps customers gain a comprehensive understanding of their security architecture in a simple manner. “Our ability to review, capture, and document information, before effectively communicating the ideas on how we will improve a client’s architecture over time is what differentiates us from our contemporaries,” states Gentile.

In the years to come, CISOSHARE plans to develop an application suite that will integrate with their professional services and provide automated tools to assist organizations in making informed decisions. “We are constantly learning from our customers and focus on offering tools and services that will optimize their cybersecurity posture in the upcoming years,” concludes Gentile.


San Juan Capistrano, CA

Mike Gentile, President & CEO

Provides services to enhance security programs and integrated security architectures in an organization