Solace: Pioneering ‘Open Data Movement’

Larry Neumann, SVP-Marketing
The Enterprise Architecture (EA) landscape is transforming like never before. “The two biggest shifts in EA today are hybrid cloud and IoT,” notes Larry Neumann, SVP-Marketing, Solace. Adding physical devices to the mix and moving applications from corporate data centers to the cloud often results in a complex IT architecture.”

Based in Canada, Solace makes it as easy as possible for companies to efficiently move data between applications, connected devices, and people. With an aim to consolidate and simplify EA, Solace helps companies move information across all kinds of environments by using a single, shareable infrastructure. “That includes moving it across globally diverse environments, including clouds and data centers, using whatever message exchange pattern, quality of service, open API or standard protocol meets the needs of each situation,” said Neumann. Solace helps companies deal with their inevitably hybrid environments that mix multiple cloud and traditional data centers.

Alongside migration to the cloud, IoT is also driving EA to deliver more value. As companies incorporate connected vehicles, smart appliances, remote sensors, and more into their business activities, they require fast, robust two-way communication between applications and devices. Solace links the worlds of IT and IoT by supporting the APIs, protocols, and message exchange patterns used on both sides of the equation.

“IoT EA requirements are interesting because they span from small, cheap devices on sketchy, insecure networks all the way to the largest, most reliable, and secure data center applications,” says Neumann. Solace lets companies use the right protocol for the right task, choosing from the many popular open standards available today. Open standards maximize choice for the enterprise, and help avoid vendor lock-in.

As one example, the world’s third largest mobile operator Bharti Airtel has deployed Solace to help better serve customers of their prepaid mobility stack.

By combining messaging, streaming and IoT connectivity while championing open standard protocols and APIs, we’ve completely reinvented real-time information sharing

Several years of rapid subscriber growth had caused delays in their benefit provisioning system. “When customers requested a customized benefit, which is available to certain segments of prepaid users, it took minutes for them to receive the customized additional services or for data to be provisioned. This led to customer confusion and a heavy load on their call centers,” points out Neumann. Deploying Solace message routers accelerated their provisioning to a response time of just a few seconds.

Solace uniquely offers both software and hardware products to tackle any sized problem. “Most companies use our Virtual Message Router software to move data between popular clouds and data center environments. Many larger and performance hungry companies choose to architect and scale their on-premise and private cloud applications in our hardware appliances. Solace customers can develop once, then choose to deploy for either horizontal or vertical scale,” notes Neumann.

Solace has won the role of trusted, next-generation data movement infrastructure at many of the world’s top investment banks, stock exchanges, mobile carriers, governments agencies, and providers of internet service. “By combining messaging, streaming and IoT connectivity while championing open standard protocols and APIs, we’ve completely reinvented real-time information sharing, which is an essential layer in every company’s EA strategy,” says Neumann.


Ottawa, Canada

Craig Betts, CEO, Ken Wigglesworth, CFO, Shawn McAllister, CTO, Tim Wong, SVP Sales, Denis King, SVP Alliances, Jonathan Bosloy, SVP Engineering, Larry Neumann, SVP-Marketing

Solace technology enables open data movement by routing information between applications, devices, and people