Trisotech: The Digital Enterprise Suite: Embarking into the Digital Age

Denis Gagné, CEO & CTO
Digital technologies such as mobile, social and cloud are profoundly impacting the ways organizations compete in today’s global economy while encouraging Enterprise Architecture (EA) practices to undergo a fundamental change. Transformation to a digital enterprise is being driven by market pressures because competitive digital practices are leveling the playing field between organizations. Enterprise Architects create value by documenting the conceptual blueprint of the organization and structuring enterprise capabilities, information and technology infrastructures, but Business Architecture and DevOps are bypassing EA in slow-to-adapt organizations. “Trisotech's Digital Enterprise Suite helps Enterprise Architects focus more on business outcomes,” says Denis Gagné, CEO and CTO, Trisotech. The company provides SaaS subscription tools to enable enterprise digital transformation. “We are helping Enterprise Architects re-establish their relevance in the age of digital transformation.”

Non-technical business people, architects and analysts can collaboratively participate in enterprise and business architecture discovery, modeling and process improvement through our Digital Enterprise Suite

The digital transformation is often led by interactive marketing personnel with interest in Agile development and DevOps techniques while often times, Enterprise Architects are buried in compliance and technology issues not spearheading business outcomes. This has spawned a rise in the role of Business Architects to focus more on organizational transformation from a business needs perspective. “Non-technical business people, architects and analysts can collaboratively participate in the enterprise and business architecture discovery, modeling and process improvement through our Digital Enterprise Suite,” informs Gagné.
This suite is comprised of five primary web-based, collaborative components unified by an intelligent business fabric—the Digital Enterprise Graph. “Our most innovative investment is the Digital Enterprise Graph to integrate and organize scattered and diverse information into a unified ‘graph view’ leading to better informed decisions from a global unified business context,” says Gagné. Components include Discovery Accelerator, Business Process Model and Notation Modeler (BPMN), Case Management Model and Notation Modeler (CMMN), Decision Model and Notation Modeler (DMN), and the Insight Analyzer. Information captured in the Discovery Accelerator and various Modelers becomes part of the Digital Enterprise Graph, helping the business managers and architects build a business portfolio from the bottom up.

Business managers use Discovery Accelerator to outline enterprise goals and responsibilities while Architects use it to model business architecture improvement concepts. The BPMN, CMMN, and DMN Modelers are used to further define process, case, and decision models. The Trisotech Discovery Accelerator offers an intuitive interface that is easy for business people to use and that can automatically create business process and case-management models for technical personnel. This interface uses the sticky note style UI, a card-type interface which makes it easy for non-technical business people to understand. Gagné calls it, ‘sticky notes on steroids’.

Gagné believes, “Trisotech’s main differentiator is its ability to simplify complex solutions which not only helps IT organizations but also the people who execute business activities.” For instance, an internationally renowned home-décor manufacturer with over 300 retail locations turned to Trisotech for standardization of internal and external processes between more than 1000 suppliers in 52 countries. The challenge was to ensure goods were supplied using the same business practices regardless of location. “Trisotech tools provided the collaboration between the teams increasing control and visibility of critical processes through clearly-defined shared workflows,” describes Gagné.

He notes, “Digital transformation does not just mean converting physical assets into digital counterparts, but it also involves creating new business models, leveraging knowledge worker abilities and driving innovation”. This year, they introduced the Digital Enterprise Suite which provides superior insights and competitiveness while lowering costs and improving efficiencies. Looking forward, Gagné envisages, “We see Trisotech as a leader in supporting organizations transforming to Digital Enterprises and upholding our fame as a ‘workhorse’ in the industry.”


Montreal, Canada

Denis Gagné, CEO & CTO

Provides cloud-based technologies enabling non-technical business people,architects and analysts to collaboratively participate in both enterprise and business architecture discovery, modeling and process improvement.