Tricon Solutions: Delivering Fit-for-Purpose Capital Execution in EA

Leonard Wiens,Owner & Partner Roxanne Becker,Owner & Partner Deborah Turnbull, Owner & Partner
Today, most organizations face several challenges pertaining to cultural hurdles that evolve within their EA teams. This includes poor positioning of the team’s value proposition, the services offered, and lack of clear strategy and work execution plan. “Many EA teams are still focused on ‘pure’ architecture, and in the process, miss valuable opportunities to work on things that are more aligned with a CIO’s vision,” opines Leonard Wiens, Owner and Partner, Tricon Solutions. In resolution, Tricon Solutions’s approach is to assist Enterprise and Solution Architecture functions to identify specific work programs and tangible deliverables that help EA teams earn increased credibility. “We help architecture teams tell their story and then provide program or project delivery support to ensure focused and seamless execution,” adds Wiens.

Often, the only propellant mature EA practices need is an increased support for specific projects like Application Portfolio Management, Investment Portfolio Integration, Business Capability Modeling or other similar services. Tricon Solutions offers prompt delivery of these services through intellectual property and tool-kits. “We deliver professional services and consulting engagements by using our proven artifacts housed within our Triple Play knowledge base,” states Wiens.

In addition, Tricon Solutions emphasizes on four major EA services keeping their core objectives in mind, which is to enhance client value and ROI. These services include EA team strategy and work-planning, business capability modeling, capital planning, and architecture integration, which consist of end-to-end road-mapping practices, budget planning and portfolio management integration, and lastly application rationalization. The company has also extensively worked with global end to end Energy companies across all upstream, midstream and downstream business functions. “We have worked with energy companies based in the U.S., Canada, U.K, and the People’s Republic of China, whose operational footprints expand to countries in almost every continent.” informs Wiens.
The company’s focus on assisting clients with fit-for-purpose capital execution, excellence and discipline also stands as a major factor behind every customer referring Tricon to other prospective clients.

In one instance, Tricon Solutions was hired by a newly elected CIO of a reputed international company, to develop a Business Capability model for future use in Application Rationalization and Capital Spend Planning. Tricon Solutions also delivered this client’s Application Rationalization Program. “As a recently appointed CIO who took over a department with outdated operating practices, this initiative helped implement a new 'business-led' perspective and allowed him to engage with his executive peers in a wholly different way,” states Wiens. In another scenario, Tricon Solutions helped a client with a large EA practice that was struggling to earn credibility with their deliverables. “We were able to hold planning and strategy workshops and facilitate the conversations required to drive a defined and documented set of objectives as well as tangible work plan,” says Wiens. Furthermore, Tricon Solutions created an EA Service Catalogue that the customer could refer to, in order to align and execute their future ventures.

We deliver professional services and consulting engagements by using our proven artifacts housed within our TriplePlay knowledge base

Firmly believing that the ability to deliver quality client services in the EA community boils down to the people; Tricon Solutions plans to expand their model to reach an even larger global audience. “We feel that we have something special, and our future plans relate to growing our ability to replicate our model and success on a greater scale,” concludes Wiens.

Tricon Solutions

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Leonard Wiens,Owner & Partner Roxanne Becker,Owner & Partner Deborah Turnbull, Owner & Partner

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