Sparx Systems: Visual Modeling Tools to Integrate Your Enterprise

Digital transformation is paving the way for today’s forward-looking executives to rethink Enterprise Architecture. From the point of designing to the point of implementation, architecting an entire organization’s framework requires an agile approach. Sparx Systems, an Australia based company, provides Enterprise Architect, a fully featured visual modeling tool that meets the diverse needs of an enterprise. This solution documents, visualizes, stores, refines, and develops the most effective and efficient organizational structures and behaviors. “Enterprise Architect provides access to proven methodologies, frameworks, content and patterns to capture information and formulate enterprise strategies,” says Geoffrey Sparks, CEO, Sparx Systems. The company’s combination of accessible tools coupled with cloud-based capabilities makes Enterprise Architect the ideal platform for organizations to define their enterprise architectures.

Sparx Systems empowers organizations to manage risk and maximize potential by delivering a robust toolset capable of capturing the many different aspects of business into a single enterprise wide vision. Based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML), the company’s latest version, Enterprise Architect 12, offers a single platform where business, software, systems and architectures are integrated. “Version 12 includes new tools to work with XML Schema, Databases and UI prototypes,” says Sparks. Version 12 allows organizations to quickly convert model fragments into XSD—a standard that formally describes the elements in an Extensible Markup Language (XML) document. It is used to form contractual definitions for inter-entity messaging. “This new version includes enhanced support to enable rapid creation of conformant XSD based messaging and information exchange contracts according to industry standards such as NIEM, CIM, UNCEFACT, UBL and others,” commented Sparks. Enterprise Architect 12 has a range of built-in themes and visual customizations that allow customers to work with the kind of User Interface look and feel that matches their character and the nature of work they are involved in.

Sparx Systems is world renowned for its continuous support of open standards and architectural frameworks such as UML, SysML, BPMN, UPDM, and TOGAF. Additionally, Sparx Systems’ built-in requirements management capabilities help companies to trace high-level specifications and analysis using open standards.“Dependency and traceability links can be easily created between a business process model using BPMN
Geoffrey Sparks, CEO
and a systems level model captured in SysML,” says Sparks. “And it can also be used to document the inter-dependencies and relationships between various viewpoints, models and domains,” he added.

Sparx Systems’ Enterprise Architect is deployed across a broad range of industries from aerospace and banking to research and retail. In an implementation highlight, one of Sparx Systems’ customers, International Air Transport Association (IATA) has adopted Enterprise Architect, to enable interoperability across the entire spectrum of service providers and agents, who work with airlines. Using the power of Enterprise Architect, IATA is building an Aviation Industry Data Model that provides a seamless travel experience. Enterprise Architect has also been adopted by NRF-ARTS, an international, member-driven standards organization, responsible for the development of key retail industry standards.

“We offer remarkably easy access to the software at an affordable price point to encourage greater adoption within an organization”

After cementing a strong foothold across all industries, Sparx Systems has grown from strength to strength and supports the broadest range of customers with the fully featured capabilities of its cost-effective modeling and design platform. “We offer remarkably easy access to the software at an affordable price point to encourage greater adoption within an organization,” says Sparks.

Sparx Systems

Victoria, Australia

Geoffrey Sparks, CEO

Provider of high performance and scalable visual modeling tools for the planning, design and construction of software intensive systems