NeevSys Inc: Changing the Face of Enterprise Architecture

Shainan Patel, Director
Being an ‘organizing logic’ behind a company’s operating model, EA arranges and adjusts business processes and IT infrastructure and integrates all requirements pertaining to the accomplishment of end goals. But, due to the market volatility and rapid technological changes, EA plans and models fall apart quickly. This brings the organizations to an understanding that an effective plan and operating modules need to be built from the scratch every two years. “Absence of a holistic view of investments and lack of maturity of EA gives rise to a fragmented investment management process,” says Shainan Patel, Director of Technology, NeevSys Inc.

The Chantilly, VA-based company, NeevSys helps its clients build agile innovative IT solutions that can meet their complex customer demands, alongside addressing challenges like the lack of structure or standardized EA. “‘Neev’ means a strong foundation in Sanskrit. At NeevSys, we believe in building strong foundations together with our clients that delivers maximum value in shortest time by working smart,” adds Patel.

NeevSys dispenses a full suite of system design, development, and integration services aimed at cost optimizations, increased business value, improved customer service, and workforce satisfaction. The EA Visualizer tool, developed by the firm, allows the functional community to analyze and assess the dependencies of people, process, and data across the enterprise in the form of an interactive graphical tool. The solution is developed on an open source platform and renders the analysis and information for the capability of the business process, process activity, and user role. Additionally, the tool shows the redundancies and dependencies that exist in the client’s IT landscape—systems, processes, and people to help them make informed decisions. An illustration of a typical organization’s enterprise architecture is shown in the EA Visualizer tool.

The EA Visualizer tool helps with the transition planning and execution for IT trans¬formation projects by preventing repetitions and gaps in the client’s investment portfolio and allocating recommendations for standardization and prioritization.It helps identify data and information requirements for each capability, mapping, and reorganization of altered business processes and areas affected by IT transformation.
NeevSys delivers strategies on positioning of EA and Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) lifecycle phases to help clients drive investment decisions and improve mission accomplishment. The company also extends business, technical, and performance alignment for EA. For the CPIC, it has four defined phases which are Preselect, Select, Control and Evaluate phases.

A host of organizations have benefited from the solutions of NeevSys, which includes federal agencies for assessment of their EA maturity and usage of their tool for portfolio standardization. For instance, the DoD healthcare agency used NeevSys’ EA Visualizer tool in conjunction with their architectural framework in their IT transformation projects. The EA Visualizer tool helped the customer transition planning and identified the dependencies of multiple capabilities in their business process. This resulted in enabling the agency determining the sequence of IT transitions.

NeevSys delivers strategies on positioning of EA, Capital Planning and Investment Control lifecycle phases to help clients drive investment decisions and improve mission accomplishment

The key differentiating factors that position NeevSys at a comfortable position is its Operations Service Delivery approach. The method contributes to bring focus on their clients’ integration challenges from requirements to architecture, testing to deployment and beyond. “NeevSys is one of the few organizations that offer mature methodologies with award winning tools and accelerators which deliver complex solutions in an effective manner,” extols Patel.

NeevSys is now stepping toward being a leader in EA, portfolio rationalization, software development, and systems integration support, with a rationale to build agile innovative solutions to meet complex customer demands and deliver maximum value in the shortest time frame.

NeevSys Inc

Chantilly, VA

Shainan Patel, Director

NeevSys provides full suite of system design, development, and integration services aimed at reducing the cost of operations, increasing customer satisfaction and increasing workforce productivity through its solutions.