Ingenicomm: An Ingenious Paradigm for Scalable Enterprise Solutions

Amit Puri, President & CEO
Over the past few years, numerous companies have started to expand their operations at an explosive rate—especially ones catering to the aerospace and defense sectors. For providers of cuttingedge aerospace solutions, it’s critical to have a comprehensive blueprint of the way technology, people, functions and information combine to achieve full business potential. Many such organizations spend considerable energy seeking innovative Enterprise Architecture (EA) solutions that will enable them to efficiently accomplish their vital goals. In order to bridge this gap, Ingenicomm has focused on leveraging high-performance computing technology to deliver customized solutions for the aerospace industry.

Headquartered in Chantilly, VA, Ingenicomm provides a portfolio of enterprise solutions to numerous civil, military, and commercial aerospace programs through its Enterprise 360° Integrated Services Framework, which combines a robust set of enterprise, program, and project management services with comprehensive engineering, implementation, and support service offerings. The Enterprise 360° Framework integrates a range of essential enterprise functions, including technology and feasibility assessment, rapid prototyping, configuration and quality management, custom hardware and software development, and data mining and analysis, to enable a holistic approach to solving customers’ problems through a flexible amalgamation of services to meet each customer’s unique needs.

“Over the years, enterprise architecture in the aerospace sector has increasingly focused on achieving efficiency by leveraging synergies between programs and developing highly scalable, multi-mission solutions that can meet the current and future needs of multiple programs without requiring costly ground-up redesigns whenever users’ requirements change,” says Amit Puri, President & CEO of Ingenicomm. “At Ingenicomm, we have been very successful at addressing this need through our uniquely synergistic combination of comprehensive enterprise architecture and implementation service offerings and our many years of product development expertise. Our product engineering group serves as an innovation engine that allows us to infuse cutting-edge technology in every enterprise system we design.”

Ingenicomm's Enterprise 360° Integrated Services Framework combines a robust set of enterprise, program, and project management services with comprehensive engineering, implementation, and support service offerings

In addition to its enterprise services portfolio, Ingenicomm manufactures a range of ground system products, including the Configurable Ground System (CGS) and Programmable Telemetry Processor (PTP) solutions, which combine high-performance, multi-mission data processing capabilities to implement a variety of functions for spacecraft Integration and Test (I&T) as well as satellite ground segment operations.
Ingenicomm’s Enterprise 360° Framework has been adapted for use by a variety of customers, including key government agencies, leading aerospace and defense contractors, and numerous commercial providers. For example, Ingenicomm recently completed an implementation of a unique communications architecture spanning NOAA’s remote sites in Barrow and Fairbanks, Alaska. Ingenicomm’s innovative approach of consolidating capabilities and deploying a distributed, multi-site system saved the government millions of dollars, and the company was nominated for several awards as a result.

Moving ahead, Ingenicomm plans to enhance its enterprise architecture offerings by packaging some of its most popular and innovative developments as turn-key solutions. “Ingenicomm’s combination of technical innovation and keen responsiveness to the explicit and implicit needs and expectations of our customers has won us a great deal of success in the market,” says Puri. “We aim to continue improving as we move forward, devising ingenious new ways to reduce program cost and schedule risk and enable smaller programs to leverage the same technology used by larger ones.”


Chantilly, VA

Amit Puri, President & CEO

Provider of cutting-edge enterprise management, engineering, implementation and support services to the government and commercial aerospace markets