Fusion PPT: Fusing People, Process, and Technology for an Optimized EA

Michael Biddick, CEO & Co-founder The whole idea behind the genesis of EA twenty years ago was to curb system complexity and poor business alignment. With the rapid increase in demand for standardized IT environments and agility, EA has grown from being just a set of small process implementations to being a fully supported initiative within enterprises. However, while the cost and complexity of IT systems has rapidly increased, the value derived from the systems has dramatically decreased. In such a scenario, with years of experience in planning and managing EA, Fusion PPT provides EA solutions that reduce cost of ownership and optimize system and communication performance. The seeds of inspiration behind Fusion PPT’s EA practice dates back to an incident when Michael Biddick, CEO and Co-founder, Fusion PPT saw stacks of enterprise architecture documentation sitting in one of his client’s offices.

When Biddick asked what all that documentation was, the client shrugged and said, “a lot of money for a lot of pretty pictures.” As Biddick talked with more customers, he found increasingly that there was a significant disconnect between EA and what actually was implemented within enterprises. “At Fusion PPT we sought to offer a more actionable, pragmatic EA service. We accomplish this with a unique blend of deep technology experience coupled with business and information management which helps organizations achieve success with their IT initiatives,” begins Biddick. The company exhibits experience with a broad range of diverse enterprise environments and globally distributed architectures. Mainly, following a core methodology that integrates People, Process, and Technology (PPT), Fusion PPT believes in following a holistic and balanced approach when it comes to solving business problems. “We minimize our clients’ IT costs, drive user adoption of new systems, and maximize technology and ROI to produce the best results,” says Biddick.

Aligning Business Processes with the Right Technology

With a large number of federal agencies as their clientele, Fusion PPT renders particular attention on security policy and technology initiatives within their EA offerings. With cloud redefining the concept of storage and infrastructure, Fusion PPT has developed a cloud computing maturity model to help establish a baseline for readiness and adoption of cloud computing elements within the agencies. The model provides a framework for planning, adopting, and managing the implementation of cloud computing best practices. The company’s cloud services are also inclusive of EA development, interoperability and governance solutions, and architecture requirements and design.

In one instance, for a U.S. military organization, Fusion PPT helped examine certain EA issues around cloud computing interoperability and portability. The challenge in this case was, although the client was open to the idea of cloud, they were skeptical about sharing information with other stakeholders and importing data into a cloud environment.
After inspecting the situation, Fusion PPT devised a number of potential solutions, from development and implementation of technology standards and tools, to use of specific enterprise cloud environments that would help mitigate the challenges. “What we produced was an EA that focused on niche technical areas and was supported by an extensive research, in terms of different tools and multiple approaches,” remarks Biddick.

The company’s expert enterprise architects spend immense time and effort on R&D to ensure that Fusion PPT is always on top of the game with regards to innovation and its application in a specific environment. “Our enterprise architects also deliver actionable EA, so solution architectures are also important where we consider specific tools,” states Biddick. Not relying solely on the theoretical experience of enterprise architects, Fusion PPT follows a slightly different approach by appointing individuals with hands-on engineering experience and an appreciation for what works best.

As a first step to the process, Fusion PPT conducts interviews with key personnel of an organization to understand specific mission needs. Overarching ideas are broken down into components to deliver a realistic plan in terms of architecture support infrastructure. After this, Fusion PPT’s experienced team steps in to identify any gaps in the project, which is followed by a risk assessment.

Underlying their approach, the overall strategy, communications, leadership and governance are the most important underpinnings to EA. Fusion PPT bridges gaps in the enterprise transition plan in three ways. First, their approach blends business, information and technology to support the business strategy. Second, they include a gap analysis and an actionable roadmap for getting from where clients are today to where they want to be. Third, they incorporate several strategic planning disciplines to help organizations align their technology with their business or mission strategy.

Throughout the process, the company keeps in mind the importance of standard methodologies, quality, and documentation of the solution deployment process.

Nothing but High Quality

Never compromising on quality, Fusion PPT incorporates quality assurance from inception to end result. The primary methods of assuring quality of services include efficient advanced planning, assigning sufficient qualified staff resources, provisioning appropriate tools, and establishing rigorous program and project management techniques. Fusion PPT has also created an ISO 9001:2008 accredited Quality Management Review Board, comprising experienced professionals.

Never compromising on quality, Fusion PPT incorporates quality assurance from inception to end result. The company’s expert cloud architects deliver actionable EA for complete solution architectures

This Board ensures that any technical or functional assistance required during the course of a project is promptly provided. Any Fusion PPT team member can access the expertise of the Review Board members. The Board also serves as a quality control check for key deliverables and ensures an integrated approach to the suggestions put forth. The company’s quality management approach is designed to prevent, reduce, or eliminate problems that might compromise the ability to deliver on time, within budget, and according to the project order requirements. “In short, quality is not an ‘add on’—it is integrated into every phase of our projects,” comments Biddick.

Constantly Testing the Changing Landscape

Going the extra mile, beyond the regular paper based EA methods, Fusion PPT makes tremendous investments in their model assessments to gauge how applications will perform in different environments. Sometimes, a solution designed on paper may look good in terms of architecture and literature but at the time of implementation, glitches are likely to occur. Curbing this, Fusion PPT conducts pre-tests and analysis of products to determine its functionality, making it more viable in a real-world situation. Since portability and interoperability is crucial to cloud, the company has expanded its innovation lab to provide a test-bed to address possible challenges that might emerge in this scenario. The lab is a robust cloud environment that is connected to many of the major cloud service providers. It provides Fusion PPT engineers with an environment where they can test a variety of cloud computing portability and interoperability tools and emerging standards. “Instead of rapidly introducing new technology and innovation into an organization, our recommendations are an outcome of measured calculation, making sure it is an optimal fit for a client’s EA,” reveals Biddick.

Customer First Approach

Being a highly customer-centric company, Fusion PPT always strives to exceed their clients’ expectations. The company structures its mission and values on five guiding principles— customer obsession, the best people, the highest standards, frugality, and delivering results. Measuring their success through a client’s success, Fusion PPT is committed to providing an outstanding customer experience. At its core, the company is an amalgamation of diverse professionals with deep technical expertise. “In the end, when it comes to complex technology projects, it all depends on the quality of the people on the project,” explains Biddick. Furthermore, all of Fusion PPT's program managers are certified project management professionals, and with a certified enterprise quality management system in place—delivery and technical support teams provide consistent service excellence. Always accountable to a client's budget, Fusion PPT administers a frugal and cost-effective way of solution delivery, while ensuring optimal system performance, maintenance, and longevity. Showcasing a 100 percent organic growth since its inception, in the near future, Fusion PPT plans on expanding beyond their current customer base that has largely developed from word-of-mouth and customer success stories. Always underpinning their solutions on the latest technology trend, Fusion PPT will continue to keep an eye out for evolving technology and its feasibility into a client’s organization structure, states Biddick. While the crux of EA today is all about fostering business growth by providing frameworks for a futuristic enterprise, it is evident that Fusion PPT through their solutions will continue to bring substantial developments in the EA space in the years to come.

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