20 Most Promising Enterprise Architecture Technology Providers - 2015

The effective enterprise management and information exploitation through IT are the key factors to business success today. Enterprise Architecture (EA) meets the need of this progressive business environment through optimizing enterprise operations into an integrated platform which is changefriendly towards the preferred business vision. A faster, structured and flexible business growth leads a company to an operational success that balances IT efficiency and industry innovation. Being a manageble platform to design and model operation structures across multifarious sectors, EA mutually improves financial efficiency and enterprise effectiveness.

Today, IT experts want instant recommendations for their project and policy adjustments to remove obstacles on their way of reaching business target. EA helps companies to innovatively line up their processes, information, applications and infrastructure with a competitive advantage.

 To help organizations find the right EA solution that suits their business needs, in this issue of CIO Review, we present the 20 Most Promising Enterprise Architecture Solution Providers, featuring the best vendors offering EA technologies and service that helps businesses streamline their processes. The firms compiled in this issue have exhibited vast knowledge and in-depth expertise in delivering Enterprise Architechture related solutions.

A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, analysts, and the CIO Review editorial board have selected the top players from the competitive field of the Enterprise Architecture solutions. The listing provides a look into how these solutions work in the real world, so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are available, which are right for you, and how they shape up against the competition.

Top Enterprise Architecture Companies


Provides a knowledge management asset that facilitates reuse, analytics and compliance throughout the organization

Biz Technology Solutions

Provides business-critical technology including technology consulting, enterprise grade information technology, custom software development and support of day-to-day operations


Helping companies build a value-driven process management discipline and implement it addressing existing issues for quick and sustainable business outcomes.

Collaboration Solutions Inc

A full service sales, installation, service, support, training, and consultation company specializing in IT collaboration technologies.


Delivers executable and repeatable architectural solutions to solve complex business issues


Provides an enterprise architecture toolset that supports analyses of complicated architectures at an affordable price

Fusion PPT

Provides IT consulting, system integration services and enterprise architecture delivery

Infiniti Consulting Group

Leading provider of EA solutions specializing in integrating legacy systems with today’s technologies


Provider of cutting-edge enterprise management, engineering, implementation and support services to the government and commercial aerospace markets


Develops model-based software and systems based on Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

Lumenor Consulting Group

Lumenor Consulting Group provides professional services that automate system functions and allow companies and public agencies to focus on delivering their core business.

NDS Global

Provides small and medium-sized businesses with high caliber IT enterprise architectural services

NeevSys Inc

NeevSys provides full suite of system design, development, and integration services aimed at reducing the cost of operations, increasing customer satisfaction and increasing workforce productivity through its solutions.

Real IRM

Real IRM is an enterprise architecture specialist, offering a comprehensive portfolio of products and services adding value to business operations.

SNA Technologies

Provides enterprise architecture consulting services and training to global organizations

Sparx Systems

Provider of high performance and scalable visual modeling tools for the planning, design and construction of software intensive systems

Tricon Solutions

Provides capital planning and execution services related to Project Delivery, Organizational Change Management, IT Architecture, and Portfolio Management


Provides cloud-based technologies enabling non-technical business people,architects and analysts to collaboratively participate in both enterprise and business architecture discovery, modeling and process improvement.

Troux Technologies

A software vendor that provides tools and services in the areas of enterprise architecture and strategic planning for large enterprises

X2O Media, a Barco company

Provides a visual communication platform that gives employees access to business information efficiently from anywhere