Lumenor Consulting Group: A Powerful Tool to Align Technology and Capabilities

Bridgette Karra, Founder & CEO
“Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a powerful tool that essentially allows users to focus on the business value and align technology and capabilities. However, EA is often confused with the rigid frameworks that documents specific process,” begins Jignesh Patel, Founder and President, Lumenor Consulting Group. Enabling organizations to change the mindset of the employees and transforming this comprehension into the real world is Atlanta, GA based Lumenor Consulting Group. Lumenor’s core focus is business enablement. “With a flexible business mission in hand, we empower CIOs and CEOs to be the visionary leader that is expected by the business,” explains Patel.

The company uses a unique framework known as BITA (business, information, technology, and applications) to create a perfect enterprise architecture structure, suitable for their client base including public transportation and government agencies. Patel states “from an information perspective, we can categorize any information that is stored within an enterprise whether structured, or unstructured data. However, we help in making informed decisions through storing and analyzing this data”. The next framework item involves the whole architecture including hardware, software, and software network storage. Lastly, the applications form a holistic picture of the entire process and combine the operation of information and technology to provide the best business value for the technology.

In addition, Lumenor Consulting recognizes strategic goals and implements innovative organizational change management strategies to add value to customers. “We constantly engage with stakeholders and identify people impacted by organizational change,” says Bridgette Karra, Founder and CEO, Lumenor Consulting Group. “Working with people contributes to achieving their goals and objectives. This is the business side of the process. It is all about establishing a matrix to fortify that you are continuing along the expected path.”

Ms. Karra believes that “EA is a key piece of the puzzle, with management of different service areas”.
Jignesh Patel, Founder & President
Lumenor Consulting Group has an ideal framework for service management and EA for systems management. “Our Organizational Change Management service is a tactical approach which takes people along the change curve–from awareness to adoption with a set of tools and a series of strategic events. In this way individuals embrace change and are ready to work the new way. Identifying stakeholders is primary and Lumenor has the methodology, experience, and resources—to support all areas undergoing change,” she says.

Since its inception, Lumenor has been providing exceptional consulting services to public and private sector clients including Los Angeles Metro, Jacksonville Transportation Authority, San Antonio VIA, Florida SunRail as well as Fortune 500 firms. For instance, Jacksonville Transportation Authority sought to implement various advancements in their internal processes. “We had a very strong objective and our goal was to help them understand the process to align their back office systems and bring enterprise silos together to work in a collaborative and automated fashion,” explains Frank Hiott, VP Enterprise Solutions for Lumenor.

The company has created a niche for itself with the EA approach, along with business and technology alignment. “Technology is in our DNA and we use it as a leveraging tool to get to business results,” says Patel. Being a value-added company, Lumenor is driven to deliver the value using Enterprise Architecture incorporating Enterprise Technology, Organizational Change Management, Enterprise Information Management, and Program/Project Management—the pillars that they continue to work upon.

Patel closes by adding “Our greatest successes have been in projects that result in new capabilities to our customers. We take the time to work with the people and processes that make up our customers.”

Lumenor Consulting Group

Atlanta, GA

Bridgette Karra, Founder & CEO and Jignesh Patel, Founder & President

Lumenor Consulting Group provides professional services that automate system functions and allow companies and public agencies to focus on delivering their core business.