Conexiam: Transforming EA with Collaborative Work Approach

Dave Hornford, CEO
Industries are now calling for a radical transformation in the EA landscape, as more emphasis is placed on strategy, process and governance. This demands organizations to be more agile, and they are investing more in the EA domain. EA assists companies to understand the strategic intent of a business and helps to achieve better performances. The present scenario further necessitates the need for an effective EA team to deliver more with fewer resources. In the midst of this predicament, Conexiam, a consulting company, delivers robust enterprise architectural solutions to solve complex business issues.

Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, with offices in Ottawa, Boston and Philadelphia, Conexiam offers services on architecture in two vital segments—consulting and training. “We believe EA is the smart way for organizations to solve complex problems and deliver on their business strategy,” says Dave Hornford, CEO, Conexiam.

The company’s flagship product, Navigate, helps companies to map out and solve various business hitches. “The key aspect for Navigate is asking the correct questions to track the business performances. A critical element in it, Trade-off, helps companies trace down their requirements or highlight areas that need change,” points out Hornford. Another essential product—Pilot checks and supervises the changes suggested by Navigate using a series of techniques. “By deploying Navigate, we determine where a company desires to be and then administering the project with Pilot, we help them meet their objective,” adds Hornford.

Conexiam’s newest product offering, Atlas targets information management. The path to develop their client’s capability to use the vast amount of information they are dependent upon to remain competitive. Furthermore, Conexiam has a specialized a distinctive training wing that facilitates companies with a tool to develop a robust EA capability. Their training goes beyond The Open Group’s TOGAF Framework driving to execution using Conexiam’s architecture toolset. “EA is an integral part to business survival and success. Our training curriculum is designed to improve business agility of different companies and reduce risk for future investments,” claims Hornford.
The company has been investing heavily in innovation using collaborative and cloud tools so that it can provide assistance to projects located in different locations. Conexiam uses a modeling tool ABACUS from Avolution that enables innovation by allowing the company to customize products differently to meet various requirements of the clientele. “Through the architectural processes we use, we understand various problems thoroughly and influx innovative ideas, delivering tailor-made solutions to our wide range of customers,” says Hornford.

Conexiam individuates itself from most other companies in EA domain with their innovative and collaborative work approach. The company often uses a phrase—‘Partner on Weakness’ as they collaborate with organizations in need and work with the host to deliver effective and comprehensive solutions.

For instance, one of their clients wanted to improve their back-end processes and needed assistance for corporate change. As the organization was pursing larger ventures, they required their transformation project to be efficient. Conexiam provided an effective solution, which helped them deliver business assistance by navigating and checking the company’s journey. “Companies don't need a huge EA team, if the product is answering appropriately. The team will do enough work to guide the next step,” explains Hornford.

We believe EA is the smart way for organizations to solve complicated problems and deliver on their business strategy

Moving ahead, Conexiam aims to partner with senior partners in its business ecosystem. The company also plans to continue specializing its methodology around industry verticals by creating additional focused Atlases to optimize it more efficiently. “We are building small geographically distributed teams that function together providing more acceleration and effective solutions,” concludes Hornford.


Calgary, Canada

Dave Hornford, CEO

Delivers executable and repeatable architectural solutions to solve complex business issues