Collaboration Solutions Inc: Delivering Solutions for Enterprise 4.0

Jeremy Short, CEO
Enterprise Architecture has been transformed by mobility, cloud, collaboration technologies, and now the Internet of Things (IoT). CSi CIO Joel Semeniuk has coined the term Enterprise 4.0 to describe next generation organizations that take advantage of these trends. Today’s Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) is tasked with provisioning world-class collaboration experiences with unprecedented data visualization that provides the organization the opportunity to visualize, analyze, act, and manage. This requires partnering with new service providers with the capabilities to address infrastructure, mobility, cloud, communications, network, audiovisual, applications, user experience, and more.

Collaboration Solutions (CSi) addresses these challenges by blending together audio video (AV), work and collaboration spaces, communication, business productivity platforms, and solutions to create innovative experiences which are at the heart of Enterprise 4.0. “This transition marks the evolution to a smart yet nimble organization driven by data and deep and effective collaboration,” says Jeremy Short, CEO, Collaboration Solutions Inc. In this scenario, businesses and CIOs are challenged with a myriad of technology possibilities, and CSi helps enterprises make informed decisions regarding the best technology direction for their organization through consultation. These services are rendered through a series of workshops that educates both IT and business stakeholders and allows the client to select potential solutions that fit within their strategic direction.

Investing heavily in research and development, the company ensures not only a seamless concert of technologies but also easy upgrades and transition paths. “We are certified for a number of vendors, and for each solution, we have implementation, proactive services, training, application development, and management along with our white glove concierge service,” states Short.CSi has also written an application called QuickLaunch™ to ensure the easy user experience that unites disparate backend technologies invisibly for the user. Designed to provide an intuitive and rich collaborative experience, QuickLaunch™ is a ‘one-touch’ application to Join Meetings, Start Applications, Access Data, Play Media, showcase an organization’s Business Intelligence assets and more The application is fully customizable and designed to seamlessly integrate with new, existing equipment or with CSi’s custom Unified Communications (UC) Workspace Solutions.

Constantly developing or enhancing their solutions and services in conjunction with manufacturers, CSi identifies their innovation lab as their prime investment.

According to Short, to innovate with new and existing technology or rapidly changing business processes, an organization needs to have the ability to rapidly experiment and learn. With multiple innovation labs across the company, each of CSi’s consultants constantly evaluates numerous devices, components, and technologies. These labs are also funded for research projects and commercial development, providing test, demo, and Proof of Concept (POC) solutions for clients. “Our innovation cycles are measured in hours rather than months; something we can only accomplish with a complete immersive customer experience,” informs Short.

We are working with Microsoft and other large enterprises on a unique dashboard solution designed to address at-a-glance analysis

In one instance, a major media studio wanted a solution that allows them to share video and media files from anywhere in the world, in boardrooms, on a myriad of mobile devices, and sync’d simultaneously across any device in real-time. With lack of an adequate solution in the market, CSi invested and developed an Enterprise Shared Media Player™. The solution has saved time and has eliminated the need for travelling. “Users with no training can use the media player on any device, and the operations are managed by engaging with us to fully manage services,” exclaims Short.CSi will be expanding upon collaboration technologies to improve client productivity. The company is also working with Microsoft and other large enterprises on a unique dashboard solution designed to address quick analysis, action, and collaboration. “From technology through to communication, we holistically design business solutions that empower teams to collaborate,” ends Short.

Collaboration Solutions Inc

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Jeremy Short, CEO

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