BPM-D: Pragmatic Enterprise Architecture Solutions as Integrated Component of a Value-Driven BPM-Discipline

Peter Franz, Managing Director & Co-CEO
To keep pace with the fast moving business environments, organizations must standardize and rationalize their ability to adopt and adapt,” says Peter Franz, Managing Director and Co-CEO, BPM-D. Organizations are often overwhelmed when it comes to adjust their business processes and align legacy automation environments with business needs.

BPM-D helps its clients to build a more effective management discipline for rapid and reliable strategy execution, which is done by improving the business process and applying enterprise architecture as a tool. This enables companies to build a unique process management capability and use it to remedy on-going problems that the companies deal with for quicker business outcomes.

“We guide organizations to move strategy into execution, which benefits their purpose in achieving business-oriented outcomes,” clarifies Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, Managing Director and Co-CEO, BPM-D. BPM-D has created a patent-pending framework called BPM-D™ Framework, a product that enables pragmatic, business outcome-oriented solutions.

The frame work is practical and outcome-based, linking to business strategy and working to translate this into a faster and reliable execution. “Transforming an entire enterprise is like boiling the ocean and most of them cannot handle it. Hence, it’s very important to stress the necessity of an execution strategy that focuses on highly concerned areas that the organization needs to address,” opines Dr. Kirchmer. “We have very special approach toward process management using enterprise architecture as a tool to identify the high impact processes a company needs to focus on.” he company specializes in three major services: consulting, educational training and coaching, helping organizations deal with change successfully.

“We leverage our practical experience and strong academic bases by focusing on segmenting the processes and prioritizing their documentation, making it usable and accessible to people,” explains Franz.Highlighting a case study, a consumer goods company held a monopoly over a niche market. It was selling its goods at a higher price so that it enjoyed higher profit margins and steady revenue growth.

As new competitors stepped in and began to take its place, the company rethought its business strategy and was forced to slash prices on its products and get rid of other liabilities. Despite the fact that this was a wise decision, the organization was not ready to align with these changes. This is where BPM-D played its part in helping the client adapt to the changing business needs.

We leverage our experience and strong academic bases by segmenting the processes and prioritizing improvement initiatives, making them value and outcome-driven

Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, Managing Director & Co-CEO
“We implemented a powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based enterprise architecture repository to capture process models and related information and systematically improved the process governance, while recognizing the high impact processes that were moved to the next performance level right away using our rapid process improvement approach. This way we achieved immediate business benefits while establishing lasting process management capabilities,” points out Kirchmer.

Moving forward, the company plans to widen its approach as a solution provider and keep on launching research initiatives to understand new trends, solutions, and strategy execution–together with leading academic and industry organizations. “We leverage our next generation approach to focus process innovation and optimization activities to achieve best value, as well as to sustain improvements,” conclude Kirchmer


Philadelphia, PA

Peter Franz, Managing Director & Co-CEO and Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, Managing Director & Co-CEO

Helping companies build a value-driven process management discipline and implement it addressing existing issues for quick and sustainable business outcomes.

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