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Mike Chouffani, President
The constantly evolving cloud technology has led enterprise organizations to actively focus on further leveraging cloud services, to accelerate their business value. In this transformational process, there is an increasing pressure around meeting the constant demand of the mobile workforce, and handling the plethora of data—driving many to reevaluate their infrastructure. Enter Biz Technology Solutions (BTS)—a company engaged in providing the best processes and solutions including infrastructure as a service, SaaS and disaster recovery as a service to enable companies to manage the increasing complexity of information-technology systems.

“Our cloud services go beyond just the computer services,” explains Mike Chouffani, President, Biz Technology Solutions. The company focuses on Microsoft Azure—for its cost-effectiveness, scalability, reliability and compatibility with most solutions. “Cloud offerings enable mid sized enterprises to undertake projects that initially failed due to high cost of infrastructure investment,” Chouffani adds.

For example, an organization wanting to develop a document repository and a collaboration platform can adopt Office365 and take advantage of Microsoft SharePoint. “Instead of spending a considerable amount of money on servers, storage, and high availability equipment, one can subscribe to Office365 and spend on customizing SharePoint and Skype for businesses,” reckons Chouffani.

“What differentiates us—is our software development team that can help with migration, and adapt client’s own custom applications and move them to the cloud,” Chouffani asserts. He believes that the only way to compete effectively in the market place is to utilize technology to improve decision making, refine adaptability to changing demand or market conditions, eliminate inefficient processes and optimize organizational assets.

With the ability to offer IT infrastructure services, consulting services as well as software development, BTS offers solutions that encompass process, standards, people and technology.
From system architecture to implementation services and long term support, the company has carved a niche for itself in the EA space with solutions that even leverage machine learning. “Our engineers have taken on many new initiatives inside the R&D labs,” extols Reda Chouffani, VP of Development, Biz Technology Solutions.

For instance, a large claim processor was unable to identify a solution to their specific business model. The client approached BTS to develop a custom end-to-end solution that included IaaS, a claim processing engine, and web portals. BTS provided consulting services, developed the platform and has been supporting it in the cloud for years allowing the customer to focus on his business instead of technology.

In another example, an architecture firm wanted to measure the effectiveness of a new hospital floor plan. The client hired BTS to develop Real-Time Locating System to track provider, patient and equipment locations in real time. This process enabled measurement and reporting on efficiency for the hospital executives. In addition, the company has deep relationship with Dell and Microsoft—enabling BTS to provide unique solutions to benefit the customers.

What differentiates us—is our ability to leverage our software development team that can help migration, and adapt client’s own custom software applications and move them to the cloud

Going forward, BTS will continue to focus more on business consulting services over time. “We feel that focus on consulting and intellectual property will deliver the most value to the customer in the long run. Combining consulting, IT infrastructure, and software development services will make us a one stop shop organization for our customers,” Chouffani concludes.

Biz Technology Solutions

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Mike Chouffani, President

Provides business-critical technology including technology consulting, enterprise grade information technology, custom software development and support of day-to-day operations